Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wild flowers and asparagus by k

i remember some time in february, i think, writing a blog post about the first signs of spring. the buds, the little flowers popping up. i was so happy to see them. it makes me laugh now because that was nothing! the whole of tibidabo is now bursting with wildflowers and new ones keep popping up. recently a whole group of lilac-colored icelandic poppies (one of my absolute favorite flowers) came up at the base of the path near school....they are spectacular!

we have also in the past couple of months seen people "off-roading" it to pick wild asparagus up on the mountain. i finally asked someone yesterday how to find it. he showed me how, but said the season is almost over. maybe i'll try to find it next year when it's more plentiful again. but there is still some out there.

today on my way home after dropping arel and dorian, i saw a very funny thing. at the top of the hill above school, just where the path starts and the icelandic poppies are growing, there was a truck pumping water or cleaning something or other. i saw that and then noticed a couple figures in blue overalls (the ubiquitous spanish work uniform) walking around on the hillside amongst the trees and bushes. i thought, what could they possibly be doing down there while the truck is pumping away, and then i noticed one of them with a fistful of asparagus!