Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sant Jordi- by b

Sant Jordi (Saint George for you Brit-o-philes) is an important holiday in Catalunia... it celebrates the defeat of an evil dragon by Jordi--- and of course the saving of a damsel in distress. It happened a couple of weeks ago (the holiday, not the mythical defeat of the actual dragon). Guys give women roses and women give men books. A bit sexist, no? Anyway... there is also singing and dancing and food. Here is Arel's class dancing at the Sant Jordi event at school. I don't really get the camera settled until about 30 seconds in (sorry). Plus, finding Arel is a bit like finding Waldo. His back is to the camera. But I like this little clip regardless. The dance (it's about courtship) is cute -- and innocent somehow. This innocence is one of the things I like about being here.