Sunday, May 3, 2009

nos quedamos by k

to some of you this is not news. to others it is. we're staying another year! there, i said it. it's real. it has been real for a few weeks, but this makes it really real.

we're just not quite ready to go back yet. it would be easier in so many ways, but since we've taken the leap, it feels right to soak it in for a little while longer. even though i think we had a relatively easy transition in our move here, it is still only in the past couple months that we have been feeling more at home, more connected and more able to enjoy things in a real way. going back now would mean leaving that all behind. it would be like spending the day cooking a really great meal and then leaving after eating only the appetizers! i want the main course and dessert too!

we will still go back to san francisco this summer (and san diego)...mid-july to the end of august! of course, that may make coming back here harder since we'll be reminded of what's great about home...more than anything, the people! i'll admit, i'm also looking forward to the food. for the most part we've made our peace with the food situation here, but i still really miss the variety and quality from home. ah, for a mission burrito, fish tacos in san diego, ceviche from limon, thai food at regent thai on church street, curry at pomelo, sandwiches at hazel's, mu shu at eric's...the list goes on and on and now my mouth is watering!

the list of people we want to see this summer is even longer...i hope lots of you will be around for hanging out!