Wednesday, May 27, 2009

big night for barcelona by k

it's 11:07 and the air is full of honking horns, shrieks and firecrackers. barcelona just won (well, half an hour ago) the champions league...a huge deal here. arel went to a friend's house to watch the game, and most likely ended up in the pool when the game was over. he and his friends all said they would jump in the pool if barcelona won. i just hope he gets to sleep before 2 in the morning! it's a school night after all.

after my last post about soccer and how i said it was kind of cool how the whole city came alive, my sister, karen, accused me of being a euro-snob. she pointed out how the superbowl arouses similar enthusiasm, it's just that i'm not into that kind of football. i guess there's some truth to it, but i still think it feels different here. maybe i am simply blinded by my eurovision...i'm willing to consider that.

now i'd love to go to sleep if these people could all just quiet down!