Sunday, January 25, 2009

yesterday's winds - by b

it is quiet ... very still today

yesterday.... arel's facebook status said "is freaked out by the wind" we left the house early ... it was really picking up... motos were on their sides (this always seems strangely sad to me.... a felled scooter... i am not sure why... it seems like a helpless animal perhaps) we waited a long time at arel's football club as people sorted out directions to the away game... at one point a municipal dumpster blew into the street and arel's coach Aldo and I shoved it back.... during the game out in San Cugat on a sand/gravel field that stung the boys as bits were flying in the air two large trees snapped and fell over.... thankfully away from the field not on it!!!.... i heard the massive crack (it was likely two cracks.. but simultaneous) from across the pitch.... It seemed very spanish somehow that the ref didn't call the game.... The kids were very emotional.... I dont think they even noticed the trees... Their skin and eyes were burning from the wind and sand and the pretty brutal stalemate match (6 to 6 when the ref finally blew the final whistle) on the way home many many more trees were down....including one massive magestic one near school.... one route to our house was blocked ... and at home the news that kids had been killed in the building in which they were sheltering from the wind

today we walked around... this car was a shock... down our hill on our walk