Monday, January 19, 2009

barca - by b

a couple from school invited us to dinner at their place saturday... and the guy invited me to go see the barcelona football club play beforehand. Camp Nou (the stadium) is a short tram ride from their apartment. i felt a bit bad going... really arel should have gone in my place since he is so into the game and me, well, i'm not exactly mr. spectator sports. but this is life. i had fun and it gave some appreciation of arel's world. he and i emailed each other during the game... he was watching on tv. arel had told me about the rousing music that begins each game before they announce the players. here it is

barca, which many consider to the the best football club at this particular moment, eradicated their opponents 5-0.

dinner began around 10:30 (quite spanish, no?)