Wednesday, January 28, 2009

channeling pippi by k

dorian has been reading all the adventures of pippi longstocking recently, and i have had the pleasure of reading some chapters outloud to him. it's been fun! when i was little and wore my hair in braids people always called me pippi. back then, i don't think i realized how great she was...super strong (literally and figuratively), independent, mischievous, generous, confident, and on and on. i've decided i need to channel the pippi in me more. this sentence from the end of the last adventure, when she is about to leave the island of kurrekurredutt in the south pacific, made me smile and wish i could feel more like this!

"This trip will turn out to be a real beauty treatment for me. I have more freckles and am therefore more beautiful than ever. If this keeps up, I shall be irresistible."