Monday, December 8, 2008

ironies of life by k

we just had pizza...again. premade fresh pizza is a staple for us since we've been here. it's not bad and oh so easy. a couple pizzas, a cabbage salad and we're set.

but, it does get old sometimes. even for pizza-loving kids. tonight arel really wanted to get chinese take-out. sounds easy, but actually isn't. there's no eric's (chinese in s.f.) down the street. all the chinese i've had here has been terrible, and take-out is not really a concept that has taken off here as it has in the u.s.

so, the irony is that after pizza dinner, i went online to search recipes for arel and dorian's favorite noodle dish at a thai restaurant near our house in s.f. as i said to myself, "something that tastes like home," it struck me as sort of funny that a taste of home for us is thai food. of course, there are lots of other tastes from home, but thai food and asian food in general is definitely a staple for us, and not easily found here. makes me wonder how charlotte, marc, eliana and miranda are enjoying the abundance of asian food in laos this year!

some time this week, i'll head down to a great asian market near the university and buy ingredients for pad see eeuw, and see what i can do. while i'm there, i'll pick up a couple other tastes of home...fresh flour tortillas and polenta, available in an asian market...go figure.