Monday, December 15, 2008

barak's birthday by k

today is barak's birthday. it's cold and rainy, but we went out for a nice lunch with a few other couples...all americans. these four guys are part of group that barak has been going out to lunch with once a month...the so-called slackers' lunch. a splinter group decided to host a one-time, "slackers wives, forks and knives" lunch for the holidays. to my great chagrin (and barak's also, i think), they sang happy birthday to barak, loudly, in the middle of the restaurant. but we had cava, white wine, red wine, barak has his beer and we ate delicious food. funny thing is, at the end when we split the bill, the men all pondered the fact that the meal was half as much for the eight of us, as it was the last time 8 men went to the same restaurant. maybe they should change the name to the overeaters' and drinkers' lunch!