Monday, October 6, 2008

today totally sucked, until i remembered yesterday - by b

lindy al parc
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i don't know why.. a bunch of reasons.. but today was just lame!!! and i wondered what the hell we were doing here. the cost in time to get certain things sorted out is just plain high. and today the benefit seemed low. when my agitation got the better of me i tried to remember just one day ago--yesterday---which was so nice and was FILLED with reasons for being here. one of which was a picnic we were invited to by some jamaicans.. a mom and her kid who are in our school, her best friend, her best friend's husband, her best friends mom, her best friends mom's best friends, and so on. it was very warm and friendly and plain comfortable. and while i was off to buy some wine and chips and the like to bring to the picnic i ran across these people just dancing next to the park. i tried to remember them today...