Tuesday, October 14, 2008

likes and dislikes by k

here's a snaphot of where i am with stuff right now. as you'll notice, some things fall under both likes and dislikes...how conflicted am i? things change every day, sometimes by the hour.


  • always people of all ages out and about, in cafes, on benches, walking around...feels fundamentally different from home in this respect
  • having a view from home
  • being able to travel: plans for munich in november, israel in december
  • not having a car
  • small school with small classes, arel and dorian are happy with it
  • having a pool at our disposal
  • walking amidst beautiful architecture
  • sense of history in the old parts of the city
  • getting perspective on our life in s.f. (we have it pretty damn good over there!)
  • hearing spanish all the time
  • diverse community at school...people literally from everywhere
  • being able to give arel more freedom
  • not worrying about gun violence
  • jogging to get arel and dorian at school
  • meeting new people all the time (inspiring to hear about other people's lives and imagine possibilities)
  • bureaucracy! (see previous blog post)
  • not having a car: makes certain things much more difficult, like food shopping and playdates
  • grocery shopping: expensive, often can't find what i want, pain to get stuff home
  • not feeling totally in control
  • not enough spanish at school (it is every day for at least an hour so i should just calm down)
  • muggy, dirty air (depends on the day, obviously)
  • jogging to get arel and dorian at school
  • spiders biting dorian and giving him huge welts
  • overthinking the future (probably i'd be doing that anywhere, but because of changes it seems to be happening more than ever!)
  • meeting new people all the time (it's exhausting at times to put myself out there)
  • i miss people from home