Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween by k

where does the time go? i have almost posted a few times, but something always seems to come up. i told a friend here the other day that i feel like i am always running around and she said, "congratulations, now you are catalan!" i've been trying to figure out why i always feel pressed for time, and the only really concrete thing i can think of is the time we spend on public transportation and walking. and it does add up. the other less tangible thing is the learning curve; figuring out where and how and what to do adds a lot of time to things. and now i add to that the start of my coaching certification program and my head is absolutely spinning, but in a good way!

today is halloween and i have to say i like the fact that it is low-key here. there was supposed to be a party at school tonight, but it was postponed because of rain. kids dressed up at school (dorian was a businessman...very apropos) and there were small class parties in the lower grades, but arel went as himself and was perfectly happy.

i'm feeling quite anxious about the election and will be very relieved when it's over. i was watching a little bit of "the daily show" on my computer today, and even that i found upsetting. they were showing clips of mccain/palin supporters talking about how scared they are that obama will win...terrifying! i can't believe i live in the same country as them! has it always been this polarized?

barak's parents, barry and avra, arrived in barcelona on wednesday on a cruise from rome. we had a nice dinner with them on their ship that evening, and they came here for dinner last night. they're both relaxed and barry seems to be doing well after completing his chemo in august. they're here for three more days, but unfortunately it is supposed to rain all weekend, so i'm not sure exactly what we're going to do. the kids may have a sleepover in their hotel room one night, but i'm coming down with something, so i'm not sure i'll be up for a crazy spanish night out with barak.

we also got to have lunch with ian williams on monday...crazy betsy's husband. he brought us maple syrup and vanilla extract, which i had requested. not impossible to get here, but so insanely expensive that i would never shell out the euros. we had delicious french toast the next morning! funny the things one misses.

that's it for now, or arel and dorian will tell me my post is too long again! love to all.