Saturday, October 4, 2008

piromusica - by b

we've seen some beautiful lightning storms from our house.. and also fireworks during the recent La Merce festival here. La Merce is the patron saint of the city and her festival marks the end of summer. the city of barcelona website has a make-your-own-fireworks-music page.. not my forte.. but you can try your hand yourself. here's mine

here is the history of La Merce herself with a reference to her first appearance in 1218 during what the website says "was the time of the wars of religion" (does anything really change!?!)

and even cooler (for me at least) is this collection of La Merce posters going back a few years. i like this one from 2005. too bad it only goes back to 1992.. and not further back to when kristin was living here.. i'd like to see that poster.