Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shocking by k

i am sitting here faced with a huge pile of stuff! barak went yesterday evening to pick up some of the things we left over the summer at a friend's apartment and i finally, at 1:30 p.m. today was able to face going through it. it's shocking how much we accumulated in one year! probably less than most people would/do, but still, i am in dismay.

there are some things that are great to have like cooking staples, blank paper, tampons, a larger variety of clothes, but i could have gone on happily living without most of it! part of me wants to get rid of all the unnecessary things right now, but then i think, well, it would be nice to have some books around the house, even if we've read them all. and what if we do need that X at some point? ay ay ay. i'm already dreading next june when we have to get rid of all this crap!

back to the pile and the search for a place to put it all!