Tuesday, September 8, 2009

second week, second day by k

i'm sitting in the teachers' work room at school. i was begged to be a substitute today and i finally relented. at fifty euros a day, it's not exactly a dream job. i look at it and volunteering with a little bonus at the end of the day....not really a job because that's too depressing.

they wanted me to sub two seventh grade classes, but i said i couldn't if they were arel's classes. they weren't, but he still didn't want me to have contact with his peers. how uncool is it to have your mom be a sub at your school? i think secretly (after the embarrassment) he likes it. his only request (besides not embarrassing him) was to wear something that wouldn't show sweat, so i obliged. i don't necessarily want a bunch of preteens whispering about the rings in my underarms!

first period, social studies, went fine. i always find it interesting to sub because i get a different look at the school and the kids. in this case, i could observe some of arel's friends that i already know and some that i have heard about. 12th grade english literature was also interesting. they had to analyze a sonnet in small groups. i didn't have to do anything, but i liked overhearing what they were saying, and watching the way 17 year olds behave. (the girls for the most part have their shit together...the boys are just awkward and don't say much.) i'm glad i'm not a teenager!

barak and i will both be happier when our lease agreement is finalized and the apartment is more fully furnished/supplied. we both hate dealing with this stuff and would love a personal secretary who could absorb the blows and just deal. alas, we don't have one.

back to work.