Sunday, June 28, 2009

last nite @ c/ august font - by b

it's 11 pm or so here. for some unknown reason fireworks are shooting up from the center of the city. they are quite pretty and they are also very loud. its a bit foggy and i think it impacts how the sound and light both travel up to us on the mountain. dorian is fast asleep. arel is lying next to me trying to go to sleep. he has headphones on connected to the itunes on this computer... so every once in a while he asks to me to change songs or adjust the volume. kristin is on her computer. i can see the glow from behind her legs. maybe she's also writing a blog post also called "last night at c/ august font", karen is reading downstairs.. i'm trying to wind down and head to sleep. we leave for the airport at nine tomorrow morning... for a week in portugal with karen, nick, caio and senta (nick, caio and senta will meet us in portugal tomorrow evening). then we (kbad) will drive down to the south of spain for a few days before flying from malaga to london and then california for six weeks. packing up the house and packing for a trip like this has been a bit weird. it's kind of depressing in a way how much crap we managed to accumulate in just 10 months. mostly it's depressing to map out how much that adds up to over years and years.
we don't have a place yet to live when we come back here at the end of august. though we did make an offer on a place on friday and they accepted it. there is a good chance we will go for it (we are waiting on one or two more bits of data). if we take it it will be a very different livin arrangement from here. in the heart of the city. actually on the very street i imagined living on when i imagined living in barcelona. i will miss c/ august font --- even though i've complained about it a bunch. it has an incredible (really incredible) view of the city and the sea. and it is so peaceful being up on the mountain next to this huge, great park of collserolla. i will always remember this year as a very special one.. and where we lived as an important part of it.
catch u from portugal