Wednesday, June 17, 2009

hot and bothered by k

it's hot! hot and humid with very little air moving this evening. it has been like this for a few days. part of me likes it...being able to wear a sundress and not have to worry about the fog rolling in. the fog and arctic wind i do not miss at all. but still, i'm hot and bothered because we leave barcelona in less than two weeks and we don't have a place to live when we come back at the end of august. we have looked and looked. we found a great house right near the school, but a french couple saw it first. i feel like we probably should have tried to stay in this place, even though we had our reasons for wanting to leave it behind. i'm sick of looking at apartments or hearing about a great place right next to school that costs 7,000 euros a month! and the most annoying thing about it is that we put ourselves in this position. it seems we have made things as difficult as possible!

school ends tomorrow and life goes on, housing or no housing. we're off soon to portugal with karen, nick, caio and senta. then to the south of spain and then back to san francisco until the end of august. time is moving very fast...