Saturday, June 20, 2009

hot and balearic - by b

i have hardly seen kristin, arel and dorian this week. i was in london monday through tuesday night. and i left thursday morning for menorca (balearic islands) for a "conference" of the sort i've never actually been to before. there was no organized content except for one day when people introduced themselves, presented a problem they are having with their businesss with the idea of receiving advice from others here over the rest of the time. it's been really nice.. a chance to spend time with and get to know supersmart people. and the island is beautiful (and hot too). i'm heading back to barcelona in a couple of hours. i titled this blogpost as kind of a comment on kristin's last post. i too have been feeling hassled by our moving and not having a place, etc. but i know it's going to work out. lots of opportunities are just beginning to bloom, it feels.