Sunday, June 27, 2010

vinaros - by b

we got back yesterday from a fun and relaxing time in vinaros with ian williams who invited us down to his and betsy segarra's house ... it's like 2 hours or so drive south of barcelona just across the state line in valencia. according to ian, lonely planet suggests people not even stop in vinaros --- but i like it a lot .

both times we've been there have been for the festival of san juan --- which brings together loud fireworks late at night and traditional music and a parade of gigants (giants)

plus the kids can run free as ian and betsy's place is on the plaza and a few meters from the sea. when we were there seven years ago we rode this fun ride (above) at the carnival ... which we did again this time. the goal is to stay on the bull -- not so easy as it moves somehow in a circle and side to side. more pix of vinaroz here.