Friday, June 11, 2010

get the ark! by k

it's pouring again! what is happening? we have had so much rain in the past week that i'm starting to wonder when/if it will stop. we finally had our summer weather and i was enjoying riding my bike everywhere, but that has come to a stop with all this water. it's still warm, but so so so muggy.

i recently watched an hbo miniseries called "the pacific," all about WWII in the pacific. besides all the other horrors soldiers faced there, they spent days, weeks and months wet! terrible. i left home the other day with dorian's umbrella, only to find when i needed it that it was broken beyond repair. by the time i got to shelter, i was drenched, and i still had at least five hours out and about. i popped into h&m and bought a dry shirt. i think i would go insane if i were wet for a long period of time...