Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink - by b

Somehow these images go together for me

Detail, Sant Marti d'Empuries I, Heidi Martin Kuster
The kids just finished their 80 millionth school vacation for the year... and we went to Paris and Munich. In Paris we stayed with friends Heidi and Jeff from Barcelona who moved recently to Paris . Heidi is an abstract painter. This is a detail of one of her pieces.

Lucian Freud by Rianne Groen.
Kristin and I took the boys to see Lucian Freud at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Kristin had seen his paintings up close before... I never had.

Mortadella... by Christoph Hänsli
And finally, while looking through a German cooking magazine a few days later I saw this: Mortadella by Christoph Hänsli.

I am not exactly sure why I'm posting this. I think I'm avoiding finishing my blog post about Arel's and my visit to Dachau.