Sunday, April 18, 2010

asparagus by k

finally, i have managed to find some wild asparagus that grows all over the mountain here! all spring long, mostly older men, wander off trail looking for wild asparagus. the rest of the year, you pretty much only see people on trails, but from march to may there are the ubiquitous catalan men clutching small bunches of scrawny asparagus in their fists. it fascinates me. do their wives send them out to bring home food for lunch, or is it just something they have done their whole lives?

i had sort of given up again this year...resigned to not finding any. but dorian wanted to pick some wild flowers for me today, so he and barak went up to a small piece of "forest" behind our house, part of this complex. no one really goes up there, but dorian came back with some beautiful fresias and other flowers. he then went again with arel to get flowers for our neighbor. and then after getting frustrated with his typing practice, he convinced me to go back with him to get more flowers. and that's when i saw the asparagus! it's much scrawnier than commercial asparagus, so i wasn't even sure it was right. we took three and dorian sauteed them with garlic...yum! so we went back and came back with a handful. now the plan is to make a spanish tortilla, like a frittata with it. do you think our pee will smell wilder?!