Tuesday, November 24, 2009

granada - by k

we went to granada last weekend to take advantage of yet another friday with no school...teacher development day this time!

we took the night train down for a change of pace. funny how when i was younger we would never have flown anywhere in europe...it was so much more expensive. now, it's usually cheaper to fly and sooooo much faster. this time it was about the same price, but we got 11 hours of bumpy sleep on the way down, and about an hour of smooth flight on the way back. hummmm, which will i choose next time? there is something romantic though about leaving one place at night and arriving the next morning somewhere completely different...and you only have to be at the train station 2 minutes before the train leaves! less stress.

here is what i learned in granada:
* we have been to enough mediterranean towns/cities for the time being. granada is amazing, but after trips to israel, morocco, portugal and moving around spain, enough!
* a crunchy roll with olive oil and honey and a cafe con leche is a delicious breakfast!
* too much dog shit all over granada!
* arel and dorian have become super walkers in our time away!
* we had been thinking of going to bilbao, to the guggenheim and san sebastian over a long weekend in december, but i realize it's too much, too too much! we'll stay here until we leave for s.f. on the 21st.
* i wouldn't want to live in a cave!

that's it for now.