Wednesday, November 18, 2009

been a while - by b

it's been a while since i have written here... there has been so so much going on and very little time... and somehow since this is our second year, maybe being here seems somehow normal.. like too normal to be worthy of blogging about. probably some combo... but i have been taking loads of photos and i FINALLY got them on my computer. so herewith is a bit of our life in barcelona going backwards a month or so (this might seem a bit random... i might get back in here and clean it up a bit.. but if you can handle a little impressionism.. her goes)


kristin has written about how great the view is walking to school every day. here you can see a bit of the sunrise

toward the end

we recently celebrated our friend joanna's birthday in a restaurant down by the water.


hula hoop shopping w/ DD


the kids seem to not have had much school since we got here (lots of fridays off!!) and dorian was sick a bit too...


Arel doing some reading for The Transitions Project


funty skating on passeig de gracia in central barcelona


arel and i went to girona


arel at the Banys Arabes in Girona...




in the jewish museum in girona where arel and i went for the transitions project -- he and i spent a night there .. about a one or two hour train ride from barcelona.


arel's been studying some basic computer programming at school.. hes gotten into it and has been making things at home too.. using a tool called Scratch


my cousin yael (r) from north of tel aviv came to visit before starting an acting course at university of beer sheba. we met her and her friend Efrat for dinner at our favorite place called Kilm on Rambla Raval


i have been reading The Book Thief. and I liked this line

DD and E

my friend bruce and his daugther emma and dorian and i went for a bike ride ... ending up at a bar near our old house. our new place is more central. i liked how bruce and emma came here on there bikes.. and then we went off together. that was much less likely to happen at our old spot.


one day i picked up dorian at after-school art and saw this cool diagram on the whiteboard. i was impressed at the tricks his teacher (who, btw, lives in our old place) has for teaching concepts to kids... then she told me dorian! made up the rorange idea. cool

art class

art class

art class



on an ultimately annoying biz trip to madrid --- early morning flite


a friend of mine.. we're working on something together


funty and a couple friends. i took them to see a movie

hard to type an @ on a spanish keyboard / 22@ barcelona

i love how this town incorportates color into buildings!


this one is called torre agbar (agbar is the water company)



pacific time is just one button click away. i do live kind of a toggle-life


this timezone (at ESADE biz school here)

morning run / sutro tower

and that timezone (a morning run in SF a month or so ago)

i do sometimes try to make time to just get lost around barcelona... and see what i see


like bike riding above our place

Video of 08102009308.mp4

like some art

sometimes the world is getting me down and then i see a little spot on earth like this

or this sort of thing


or this.. what gaudi had to say about the big picture

ok.. that's a bit of life here..