Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Visitors - by b

We're now entering week two of life as just the four of us in our house. Work's been nutso with lots of pitching new business and delivering project work that has required a great deal of my time. Plus there has been a lot of personal logistix to deal with --- tax extension, etc. All this is to say that I took a bunch of pictures of our time with our guests.. but haven't had a sec to process them. Now... I have finally had a chance to upload pix from my phone to the web and highlight the ones I think are worth sharing (this is the new photo "processing" I guess) .. and there are some really nice ones from our time with our visitors (in reverse chron order they were Sven, Sarah, David, Rosa, Yoni, Lori and Gisela). Here are a few pix: