Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kristin's Birthday - by b

kristin's birthday was almost a couple of weeks ago now... (more lagging in the photo processing)

a couple of snaps in a sec...

the day turned out really nicely... but it didn't start well

we'd had a major battle the day before and neither of us were particularly happy

kristin seemed to want nothing more for her birthday than to be left alone

and yet.. i'd asked some people to come round for a surprise party

in the end i told her some people were coming over... telling her seemed like a good move

and sven and arel and dorian really helped me make our place nice

i think kristin had a good time and was happy

plus the weather had been absolute shite... but as you can see, that changed too


miguel and the barbacoa

kmw.... our friends omar to the left and irene to the right