Tuesday, March 3, 2009

march 3, 2009 by k

barak left this morning for san francisco. he took our one huge suitcase with him (a compromise on his part, as he wanted to come here with only carry-on luggage last august), filled with winter coats and random stuff we have accumulated in our time here. he'll leave the suitcase there and we'll try to do only carry-on coming home. coming home. yes, it looks like that is what is going to happen. coming home. going home. i told barak yesterday that i feel like his leaving now is kind of like the beginning of the end of our time in barcelona.

on my way home after taking arel and dorian to school, i started up the mountain for a jog that i was dreading. as i walked past a little tree in full bloom i stepped over, pulled a branch to me to get a whiff of the blossoms, a whiff of spring. couldn't smell much...i think the rain had washed the scent away, and then i caught a glimpse of a huge, dead wild boar lying close to the tree. that sent me scurrying on my way. wonder what it died of. strange.

up on the mountain i was finally olfactorily rewarded with the smell of pine being mulched. they're still cleaning up from the wind storm and today they were stuffing branches into a mulcher and shooting it over the hills to help the next generation of trees grow.