Wednesday, March 4, 2009

boundary spanning - by b

i am in san francisco. weird! that's all i can say. i am staying with kirstin and sean. and i have been up since godfuckingknows a.m.

sean is doing his phd thesis on "boundary spanning"... boundary spanners are people who are comfortable "spanning" more than one culture.. can speak the languages, walk the walks, etc. and are actually accepted in more than one culture.. sean is a boundary spanner.. he has taught on death row in san quentin and studied at harvard...

i don't know if i'm boundary spanning rignt now.. i'm a tired mess... if anything i'm "boundary spraining".. last night i walked out to get a slice of pizza and a glass of wine for myself and everything (and everyone) felt familiar and strange all at once

this is going to be an interesting few days

now i have got to pour some caffeine in my body.. and get to work... that's why i came.