Friday, February 6, 2009

dreaming of a decision - by b

here are some pictures i've taken lately... together they seem to make up a weird dream, barely remembered in the morning. a dream of trying to make a decision. a strange blog post. but this is the land of dali, no?

estrella d.
Questioning the role of desire

we need to talk
We need to talk

man, smoking, slither of sun
A man...

slither of sun engulfs man
...engulfed by the light when i turn back to look

what's inside?

eye check machine
not all vision can be checked scientifically

a reminder
not always easy to do

listening for a sign from the gut

Morning meeting
just visiting? the planet?

too much thinking?

imagining a future of sweet memories
how many years?

the doubt

thinking of returning?
thinking of returning


deliberate spanglishing
not either or or, but AND

dreams can come true