Wednesday, March 10, 2010

snow? by arel!

---outside of our house monday afternoon---

"its raining!!!" -mama
"no its snowing" - me
"yea right" - mama
"see for yourself"- me
"WOW your right!!! DORIAN!!!"-mama
"Due to harsh conditions--the weather" - Dr. Penburg in english class
**whole class gettting excited**
"Our campus has become very hazarous"
**whole class sighs**
**whole class on their toes**
"i will not be seeing you tomorrow"
**whole class jumps up and yells for 5 minutes straight**

so it snowed here the other day and everyone had trouble getting home and driving and stuff. it was apparently the biggest snowstrom in barcelona single like 1962...pretty cool
me and some friends had a snowball fight then went to the mall to get out of the cold.