Saturday, February 27, 2010

some thoughts on switzerland, or more specifically appenzell - by k

we're spending our "semana blanca," our "white week" or "ski week" in appenzell switzerland. this is a town where women got the vote in 1990, so we're a long way from san francisco and liberal politics! this is not the picture perfect, disneyland-like switzerland i have visited before. at first there was a bit of disappointment, but once the eyes adjust, there is a lot that is quite beautiful. the mountains are spectacular and there are many charming old houses, and green meadows where the snow has already melted. what have we done here?

we've eaten cheese. lots of it. mostly melted.
we've gone sledding. very fun, very wet.
we've gone hiking. very tiring. very beautiful. dorian hated it until the descent.
we've eaten lots of sausage. well, dorian is correcting me, some sausage, although it feels to me like lots.
i went skiing one day in austria with a friend of ours from barcelona. my favorite part...stopping for lunch halfway up the mountain, drinking weiss weinschorle (white wine mixed with bubbly water) and talking with a group of romanian dentists. (they thought i should have my teeth bleached...too yellow!)
we watched a champion's league soccer match between barcelona and stuttgart in a hotel lobby after searching long and hard for somewhere to watch. this is not spain where every single cafe/bar would have the match on. dorian happy sat in a massage chair the whole time.

that's about it. tomorrow we fly back to barcelona where spring seems to be settling in.