Monday, October 5, 2009


VALL DE NÚRIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last wednseday i went with my class to a beutiful mountain "town" called Vall de Núria. I put town in little two dot things cause all it really was was a lake, a huge hotel, activities, a youth hostel, and some amazing hiking paths. On wednsday when i got to school i just walked around bothering people about their oversized suitcases until we finally got on the bus. It had to have been one of the most horrible long bus rides ever. As you can see, i got pretty darn bored! So after about 2 and a half hours of talking and listening to music, we finally got of the bus! Finally we were there! It was so beutiful!!!!!! NOT!
We were there, ubt there was not vall de nuria, there wasa a train station. Mr. McKeen got everyones attention and made the best announcment ever. We were gonna wait for the train for more then an hour! So everyone got relaxed and just started talking and running around the lot. After about and hour and 20 minutes we got on the train and after 45 minutes, saw a beutiful lke and hotel. "IS THAT IT?!?!?!?!?!?!" everyone thought to themselves. And yes, it was. We got out and everyone was so happy that....................................GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went up to the youth hostel and went to our rooms. We go on some warm clothes and went back down the hill to the lake to go canoeing. That was good. The water was sooooooo cold though. 6 degrees!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh. poor Ona she fell in. After that we went up the hill to have free tme and me and a bunch of friends went of to a huge grassy area with cows, and naturally, cow shit....lots and lots of cow shit. We pretty much just chilled and talked for like 2 hours and then went back to the hostal for dinner. It was a fantastic dinner of frozen pasta salad with pineapple and tuna...YUMMY. We then went upstairs and learned how to orienteer ourselves with no compass. but im not gonna get into too nice to make you suffer with that story. We then went to our and went to sleep (wich was almos impossible bacuse TOM wouldnt SHUTUP. Anyway next morning w had a typical bad spanish breakfast and then went down the hill to do tubby. Tubby was basically going down a hill with a gresy inertube. that was OK. Then we went to a ropescorse wich was cool especially wen you fell and the harness pressed real hard against your pakete. I tried too moonwalk on the wooden board wich didnt go so well...then me and oscar had pushing fights! after that, we went up for not gonna describe anymore meals because it makes me think of the good food my family was having in venice. :( anyway after lunch we went minigolfing and i did horribly...i got 30 strokes in 1 hole!!!!! :S I was in a group with oscar and sime. After tha we went on a scavenger hunt an my group won in just 23 minutes! After the orienteering we went up and had freetime...we went over to the cows again and told a lot of jokes. after free time we ate and went into our rooms to get ready for the....dun dun DUN.....DANCE. Axe and disgusting fragrances flew around as my friends tried to get as manly as possible. Then we went down stairs. Blinding lights and lud, horrible spaish rap played on the speakers. Everyone danced a lot but mostly they were just jumping up and down with on hand up and sweating fro no reason. AT LEAST WE WERE HAVING FUN!
The dj was this old skinhead who had horrible music and couldnt even find Low in his library....wat a loser. I really wanted dance with this one girl who i really like...i wonder if dancing net to her counts? any wa after the dance we went up to our room and crashed after liek five minutes. The next morning we woke up and had to pack before brkfst. another breakfast made of manuer. We took all our bags down the hill and went hiking. We went to this really amazing path. I got really jelous of the people in group C because i heard they ran into a couple of supermodels. At least they sent me a pic! SUPERMODELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the hike we went back and got on the Train. Another long, horrible journey. Goodbye Now.