Saturday, August 15, 2009

San Franstressco - by b

I finally might be chilling out... but I'm not confident. It is 3:30 AM (one reason for my lack of confidence---but I am blogging again, which is a good sign.) and I'm on my brother's terrace overlooking a part of West LA. Dorian and I decided to sleep out here. He's talking in his sleep right now. He isn't making much sense. But it's cute. Arel is in the house. Kristin is at her friend's place quite a bit further west of here in Mandeville Canyon. I am missing her. Arel, Dorian and I drove down here a couple of days ago. She flew here today. I'm not missing her because of the last couple of days... but because I don't really feel I've connected with her in the last few weeks since we 've been in San Francisco. There was just too too too too too much going on. For me it was busy on three levels --- 1. personal/non fun administrivia like getting eyechecks, arranging gardnerer at our house, noticing the water heater was about to go and needed to be replaced, etc. 2. work.. loads of meetings to drum up new business, loads of meetings to support current customers, getting a new office space, etc. and 3. friends. The friends part was nice, but there were times when i couldn't quite chill into the moment. This is the problem with coming after so long and for such a short time. One of my favorite parts were my semi-chance encounters with our host David. Jeanne and David kindly let us stay in their place while most of them were gone in Mexico and Catalina (we're on our way to see them in Catalina in a few hours). David, though, was in SF for work most of the time we were there and our paths would cross, often in the mornings, and we'd drink coffee and talk. I really liked that.