Friday, September 12, 2008

Midnight Overlooking the Mediterranean --- by b

Last night it thundered, lightninged, and rained hard for a short while. This morning the slight haze that had been lingering in the sky above the city was washed away --- and the views from our place were beautiful. Now at midnight they still are.

I am not used to having a view like this.. I think I can get used to it! I really like the warmth here. And the sea. This place reminds me of Israel in ways I don't fully understand. I feel oddly at home here and I think these memories are part of it. I'll write more about that at some point.

Kristin is out to dinner with Miguel --- Pakistani food en El Raval. By the way, the image at the top of the blog is a giant cat sculpture in El Raval.

Today was a good day. We went down into town and walked around ... went window shopping at Vincon...

Here is a map of where our house is and where the school is and where the bus stops are. The blue markers have the info. Zooming in and out is easy for different perspectives.

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