Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sleepy in london by k

still shrouded in jetlag tiredness. another stay in london where i will see more of my bed than anything else. barak and arel wandered off to oxford street to go to the "boot shop," apparently the place to get cool boots, or cleats as we call them. dorian and i couldn't get the energy together for the outing. instead, we are just hanging at don and paul's house (don is barak's cousin), which is very lovely, and their one year old daughter, issy, is very cute. it's very nice to have somewhere comfortable and friendly to crash until we go on the final leg of our journey tomorrow. tonight we have dinner with jason and mandy, ziona and paloma...cousins and aunts. we'll meet another new baby...there is a population explosion among barak's cousins at the moment.

tomorrow we head down to barcelona, where miguel and his adopted son, maxim, will get us at the airport. i emailed people from to apartment listings today to try to set up appointments to see them on friday or saturday. next tuesday we go to a new student orientation at arel and dorian's school and then school starts wednesday.

arel says he still hates everything, but he seems to be quite happy so far. dorian is pissed off that he cannot access the disney channel website from europe. i must say, i am relieved. we'll see how this plays out over the year, but good riddance, as far as i'm concerned.